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Riskex Pty Ltd is staffed by experienced, tertiary qualified and RABQSA certified risk management professionals. We are a professional consulting firm offering personalised and specialised property, safety and liability risk management products and services to our clients. Our consultants have worked in all facets of risk management, as Facilities Managers, Risk Managers, Consultants, Expert Witnesses and Underwriters.



Our focus is to provide risk management products and services related to Property, OH&S and Liability. The quality clients to whom we are targeting our services, realise that managing risks involves protecting employees, customers, property and the business overall. We therefore offer our skills and experience in all areas of Risk Management including: Liability (Products and Public), Property Protection, Occupational Health & Safety, Environment and Incident Investigations.


Risk Management has never been a more crucial element of running a business.  Rising premiums have forced organisations to opt for substantially higher self insured retentions or policy deductibles (excesses) thus forcing them to act more and more and more as though they were not insured. Insurance companies are becoming more technical and responsible with their underwriting and spending more time analysing the risks involved in individual contracts as well as industry statistics.


Injured customers are now far more aware of their rights and, encouraged by "no win/no fee" lawyers, becoming more litigious. Add this to, previously low insurance premiums, recent world events and the collapse of major local insurance companies, the result is sky-rocketing Insurance Premiums.


We believe that these costs can be controlled and have seen many clients benefit enormously from implementing comprehensive risk management systems and pro-active claims procedures. The “spin offs” being not only reduce insurance premiums and losses but also the overall efficiency and quality of the organisation.


Our philosophy is to provide quality products and professional services to assist you to meet your LEGAL, MORAL and FINANCIAL obligations using practical and cost effective means. Riskex Pty Ltd is fully committed to the application of proven risk management principles in the prevention and reduction of property and liability losses and associated business interruption.


We look forward to working with you in this critical part of your business strategy.












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